Sila Semak Kad Pengenalan Anda: Nombor 01 Pada Hujung Nombor Kad Pengenalan Anda Mempunyai Maksud Yang Korang Belum Tahu Selama Ini.


Selamat petang…warga fb…dan..rakan…disini.. saya ingin berkongsi cerita saya…pada petang tadi…pada jam kira…4.30 petang…saya pergi pejabat pos…untuk memperbaharui ‘L”..motosikal…saya..apabila saya b’tanya…berapa perlu saya bayar untuk tempoh 6 bulan…kaunter tersebut..bagitau saya…kena bayar sbnyak…Rm..42.10…saya agak terkejut sedikit…sebab…’L” motosikal yg terdahulu...saya cuma bayar Rm 4 ringgit…untuk tempoh 6 bulan…dan bila saya tanya kenapa…? penjaga kaunter memberitahu saya…dalam sistem komputer…atas no…I.C..saya…memang saya kena bayar..Rm 42.10…sebab ...

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These days, cheap flights abound. But sometimes it makes a lot more sense to hit the road for a journey through the night. Opt for the night bus and you won’t have to worry about stressful airport queues or checking in online. You’ll also be able to save on accommodation by sleeping during the journey. Of course, actually getting some ...

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Tanda-Tanda Lelaki Subur. Sesiapa Di Antara Anda Yang Sudah Berkeluarga Dan Inginkan Zuriat, Sila Baca Ini Untuk Info Anda.


Itaewon, a neighbourhood in the South Korean capital Seoul, is on the up and food is at the forefront of its renaissance. Here Amy Guttman explores a district undergoing an exciting edible regeneration. For decades, Itaewon has largely been known for two things: the US Army stationed there since the Korean War, and seedy bars where sex workers ply their trade. “No self-respecting Korean ...

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A dazzling oasis where forty million people a year let their hair down, Las Vegas has made a fine art of indulging its visitors’ every appetite. From its ever-changing architecture to cascading chocolate fountains, adrenaline-pumping zip lines and jaw-dropping stage shows, everything is built to thrill. The Strip is where the real action is, a visual feast where each mega-casino vies to outdo ...

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Having finally settled down in Thailand after twenty years of toing and froing, our author, Paul, has plenty to write home about. Here are some of his favourite experiences from the new Rough Guide to Thailand. 1. Get a traditional massage in Bangkok A good pummelling at the massage pavilions amid the historic, kaleidoscopic architecture of Wat Pho is one of Bangkok’s unbeatable experiences. Excellent massages ...

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Croatia is one of Europe’s rising tourist stars. This remarkable Adriatic country of 1244 islands, bear and wild boar inhabited forests and world-class vineyards is so much more than just a beach destination. To make sure you hit the ground running in this complex and diverse nation, follow our top ten Croatia travel tips. 1. Be picky Avoid the temptation to ...

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If you’re looking to travel far and wide but you’ve got a tight budget, these budget travel tips will see you through every kind of adventure. 1. Go it alone… Travel companies can certainly point you in the right direction when you’re planning a trip, but remember: few of them work for free. Whenever there’s a third party involved – ...

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we listed Hull as one of the top ten cities to visit in 2016 – an accolade that had many people surprised. Here, Lottie Gross explains why it made the list. It’s safe to say, most people’s preconceptions of Hull aren’t brilliant. In the past it has been named Britain’s worst city and the least romantic place in the UK. But Kingston upon Hull, to use its proper name, has ...

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Palembang is the capital city of South Sumatra Province and as the second biggest city in Sumatra Island. Palembang was famous by the existence of Sriwijaya Kingdom, the biggest Buddhist kingdom in Southeast Asia. Besides being famous with its pempek, Palembang also has good tourism potential just like the other cities in Sumatra. So what are the tourist attracions in ...

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